As part of the Uptown Arts Stroll, I’ll be having an open studio, as will a bunch of other artists in Inwood and Washington Heights tomorrow afternoon (Sunday, 6/22). Think of it as the visual arts equivalent of a backstage tour. Come and check out beautiful “Upstate Manhattan” and see for yourself why artists, writers, musicians, performers, and creative types of all sorts love to call this area home. [Locations posted at the Uptown Arts Stroll website.]

You can visit The Cloisters, and grab a gourmet bite of primarily local, seasonal, and organic food at the New Leaf Cafe, which turns profits towards restoring run-down parks like Swindlers Cove, thanks to the vision of super-diva Bette Midler, who founded NY Restoration Project. Walk by Houdini’s house (67 Payson), and that famous intersection (I kid you not) of Seaman and Cumming! Visit Inwood Hill Park, the site where we essentially stole Manhattan from the Native Americans. Food! History! Entertainment! Oh, and don’t forget …ART!

FREE Shuttle Buses! ¡Transportación GRATIS!

Look out for the robin egg blue ARC Ft. Washington Senior Center Shuttle bus at the following shuttle stops (North/South):

Busca el autobus azul de ARC Ft. Washington Senior Center en las siguientes paradas (norte/sur):

Isham St and Broadway
Isham St and Sherman Ave.
Broadway & 204th St
Broadway & Academy St.
Academy St & Sharman Ave.
10th Ave & 202 St
Nagle Ave and Ellwood St
Broadway & 187 St.
Ft. Washington Ave & 190 St.
Ft. Washington Ave & 187 St.
Ft. Washington Ave & 185 St.
Ft. Washington Ave & 181 St.
Ft. Washington Ave & 177 St.
Ft. Washington Ave & 170 St.
Ft. Washington Ave & 162 St.
Broadway & 165th St.