Today, I’m delighted to have my first guest-authored post, with permission from author/artist & curator Cecelia Barnett.  Take me out to the ball game, C…

This is the closest I’ll ever get to a baseball blog – or any blog likely – but the final Yankee Stadium events tonight were unexpectedly affecting.  Guess I have a lot invested in these boys, over the years, like it or not.  I can clearly remember Dad watching Yankees games (more or less, while reading the paper) when Dave Winfield was the big star and “Scooter” was an announcer and I would take a break from working on term papers.  Now I take break from press releases for art shows to check on the team’s progress (when not clearly announced by hoots, hollers and curses from the living room.)  My Dad is still a fan albeit from Red Sox territory,  Closer to home, it’s now one John Keller who watches the Yanks even more avidly than Dad ever did, seeming to live or die with each of the 162 (is that right?) regular season games. That last few dozen (lo these past 12 years) always have the extra adrenalin and weeks of agony of the post season – the Fall Classic.

Have been extremely fortunate to go to several games at the Stadium over the past few years.  Somewhere in the ether are some great photos I’ve taken – likely never to be seen again.  Many thanks to one of John’s media reps who has been gracious host more than once in extraordinary seats (third base line, directly in line with home plate, two rows back the visiting dugout).  Even got to the 1st game of the 1998 World Series and suspect nothing will ever quite match the electric excitement of that night in baseball.  John best describes entering the stadium as akin to being in (as viewpoint) the tracking shot in the opening of ‘Good Fellas’.  Well it certainly was cinematic.  Even color was heightened at that game.  It was star-studded too – Denzel Washington and Bruce Willis made cameo appearances in our box.  John ate Calista Flockheart’s hamburger because she wouldn’t touch it…  But there you have it – I always watch the crowd more than the game. [Author wishes to note that said hamburger was offered, not swiped. -Ed.]  Of late, I’ve drawn pictures too, but John can likely tell you the box scores….  But still I find I’m a fan.  And sorry to see the old stadium go.  Hate when landmarks vanish.  Wonder if the ghosts will figure out to go next door.  Here’s a ghost too – in all probability a re-worked ghost of a previous monotype – circa 1998… I don’t recall at the moment.  But it is clearly Yankee Stadium and arguably Andy Pettitte, tonight’s winner of record.   I think I called it “Two Seam Fastball.”

If you didn’t hang on through the entire maudlin ceremony and the ensuing game this evening, you may have missed some great moments “in the booth” when Yogi and the Chairman of the Board” joined the Sunday night baseball announcers, for BY FAR the only segment they’ve done worth listening to.  A couple of other good interviews too and the post game – the happy recap – and one Mr. Derek Jeter leading the world with a microphone… and then his team around the field to thank the fans.  A good night, one in which many a special Yank was missed, notably my favorite Bobby Murcer who passed away in July and, again, it was unexpectedly affecting.  Some really good guys out there, even the jocks!

Thanks for bearing with through this message assuming, dear reader, you’ve made it this far.  It was a long season – be thankful there was only one email!  Not sure what the ‘magic number’ is, but it might not be over yet…  But I’m hoping!

All best,

[above image: Two Seam Fastball, monotype, copyright Cecelia Barnett.]