E.J. McAdams ChapBook, 4 X 4

E.J. McAdams' ChapBook, "4 X 4", copyright E.J. McAdams

Admittedly, I’m more than a bit obsessed with the upcoming election, but please banish the thought that this post has anything to do with the candidate who sneeringly called the opposing candidate “THAT ONE,” during last night’s debate.  Nope, you can breathe a sigh of relief because, exercising extreme self control, I can guarantee this has nothing to do with politics.

A couple weeks ago I ran into poet and environmental do-gooder E.J. McAdams at an event for The Nature Conservancy.  I admire E.J. for directing his dedication, discipline, and talents toward the concurrent goals of helping nature and creating art.  His recent good news included the publication of a chapbook of his poetry, entitled 4 X 4.  Of particular interest to me is the purely visual impact of the work (as it relates to concrete poetry), which got me thinking about the intersection of words and drawing; abstract lines and dots on a page with perhaps specific references, also capable of conveying many layers of meaning.

There’s a full review of 4 X 4 worth reading over on the blog “Behind the Lines.”  The chapbooks sold out quickly so regretfully there are none left, but I know E.J.’s been busy and I’ll be looking forward to see what comes next!