If you’re in NY, you’re just a click or two away from letting our Governor and representatives know that another severe slashing of the arts budget would be calamitous.  I just wrote them, and you can too by taking a minute to make your voice heard.  Remember, this issue affects arts organizations that enrich our society as well as the individual artists who rely on them for their work to flourish and reach the public.

Dear [recipient name was inserted here],

As you meet in Albany on November 18, please consider the devastating impact the Governor’s proposed cut of $7 million to NYSCA’s budget will have on our region. This could mean that almost 400 grantees in the October cycle and a similar number in the December cycle would receive almost nothing. The inequities are staggering.

The Governor’s proposal comes on top of $2.6 (6%) already cut out of the State Arts Council budget a short time ago— thereby reducing NYSCA’s budget by about 20% from $49 million to $39 million mid-year.

Please alter the “cut list”.  Although the Governor proposed significant cuts to all sectors, the tiny savings gained by cutting the arts pale in comparison to the resulting social and economic losses in communities across the State.

I know that you face incredibly difficult choices. I implore you to recognize that the economic and social losses in our communities with the Governor’s cuts will far outweigh the small saving and will be felt by all of your constituents.


Sky Pape