If you can’t stand the white stuff, you may want to read no further. No blizzard, this, but it was excuse enough for the bank and other businesses to close early, and it was enough to bring on that giddy feeling that I would, without proper self-restraint, find myself waving at random strangers. People drawn together. A suit-guy on the subway, sans tie, carried home a single tulip to someone, smiling at himself thinking of the imminent handing-off of this flower. I know I’ve got it good as a city girl–no need to shovel or drive–I get to enjoy the pure magic of it. Snow! The individual beauty of each crystal, the muffling of the city’s daily noise, the slowed-down pace, the seasonal cheer, the laughter, the rosy cheeks, the romance in the air.

“Kindness is like snow–it beautifies everything it covers.” [anonymous]

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