Here’s the line-up for Saturday’s gallery crawl.  We’ll meet at Metro Pictures at 11 a.m. when the doors open for the Postcards from the Edge benefit show for Visual AIDS (see my previous post, below).  It will be a madhouse as people run around trying to figure out which amazing artist contributed which piece, so be prepared.  You’re guaranteed to be tempted by something, so you might want to have your credit cards, checkbook, or 75 American dollars readily available. [FYI, check payments require photo ID.]

Postcards from the Edge at Metro Pictures, 519 W 24 St.

Question of Women, John Wesley at Fredericks & Freiser, 536 W 24 St

After Certain Amounts of Breath, Bhakti Baxter at BravinLee Programs, 526 W 26 Suite 211

Against Reason, Emna Zghal at M.Y. Art Prospects, 547 W 27, Floor 2

Ressonância Resonance Resonanz, Iran do Espírito Santo, Callum Innes, Wolfgang Laib at Sean Kelly, 528 W 29 St.

The gallery crawl tends to be an organic thing.  There may be some random stops thrown in depending on time, energy, mood and whim.  If you want to join us midway, just call me at 917-992-4001 to find out where we are.

After Chelsea, I’ll head down to Soho to see Marking Time, a showing of Douglas Navarra’s works at OK Harris, 383 West Broadway.  The artist will be at the gallery today from 3-5pm.  This show is up through February 7th, and worth a visit if you’re in the vicinity and craving an eyeful of fine work that will feed your vision and make you think.

“In these drawings the artist starts with found paper documents and responds by adding his own marks, as “interventions” that set up a dialogue with the linear quality of the penmanship, original marginalia, and the stains and tears that have accumulated over the centuries. When his own personal history is added to a 200 year-old piece of paper, it transforms the context of the page from a minor historical record into a work of contemporary, visual documentation.”

[above image: Douglas Navarra, Palimpsest – 2004, gouache and pencil on found paper, 14.5 x 12 inches, copyright Douglas Navarra, all rights reserved. Courtesy OK Harris Gallery.]