The next gallery crawl is slated for Friday, February 13th.  All are welcome.  As things are shaping up so far, among the shows we’ll go see are: Jack Sal at Zone Contemporary Art, 41 W 57th St., and  Judy Pfaff at Ameringer & Yohe, 20 W 57th St.  We’ll throw a few more things in between and end up at MoMA to see Rebus, a show curated by artist Vik Muniz of pieces from the museum’s collection.  I have scored a bunch of free passes to MoMA, so admission will be free or cheap, depending on how many we number.

And now it’s off to the studio.  As Merlin Mann notes (and what a great name is Merlin Mann!)  “Creative work only seems like a magic trick to people who don’t understand that it’s ultimately still work.[via Amplesanity]