“Staring down the barrel of his gun from my station behind the pastry shop counter, I surmised without asking that his order was to go.”

This morning I was moved by a Twitter post about a contest for two-sentence stories to be even more succinct and submit the true tidbit above to a one-sentence story site.

Writing is hard for me.  I mean really, really hard.  However, I recognize that people aren’t content to just let art speak for itself, therefore the artist’s statement and bio are de rigeur and must be written.  And as life moves on and one makes new work, these documents must be revisited and revamped in order to remain current.  For me, like almost every other artist I know, that is a task ripe for major procrastination.  I’ve been tackling it in small doses, gathering ideas and then editing to determine what is ultimately worth articulating.  I despise art babble and those long treatises that blather on and on about epiphanies and Semiotics until the reader surrenders to utter confusion and/or disgust, eyes glazed over.  Today, the one sentence story concept is fresh motivation for my required writing tasks.

[Above “Cakes and Pies” 2007/2008, hand-worked aquatint with pastel, copyright Wayne Thiebauld. Photo courtesy of the Nelson Gallery at UC Davis and Karin Higgins/UC Davis Publications.]