Just a reminder that the gallery crawl is slated for Friday, February 13th.  All are welcome. The plan is to meet at 10:30 a.m. at Howard Greenberg Gallery at 41 East 57th Street to see an assortment of photographs from India. (Note: East 57th, not to be confused with 41 W 57th where we’ll go later!)  From there, we’ll go see Judy Pfaff at Ameringer & Yohe, 20 W 57th St, possibly stop in to see Kori Newkirk’s show at The Project, 37 W 57th St, then Jack Sal at Zone Contemporary Art, 41 W 57th St. We still may have a few random detours, but the plan is to end up at MoMA to see Rebus, curated by artist Vik Muniz. I have scored a bunch of free passes to MoMA, so admission will be free or cheap, depending on how many we number. If enough time and energy remain, then we may head up to see the second part of the Fred Sandback exhibition at Zwirner and Wirth at 32 E 69th Street.

The gallery crawl continues to be an organic thing.  If you want to join us midway, just call me at 917-992-4001 to find out where we are.